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All about Fun Chorus!

Winners of the Pride of Gedling Editors Choice award 2018



'Hi, I'm Anna, Thanks for coming to check out Fun Chorus!

Did you know, it's scientifically proven that singing in all its forms is good for both your physical and mental health?

Sadly those who could benefit the most from joining a choir are often unable to.  It's  understandable to worry about  learning the words, reading the music, the financial obligation, being 'good enough' standing for long periods of time, attending every week and performing.


I created Fun Chorus, in 2015 to provide an alternative way for anyone to enjoy all the health and social benefits of singing together, without any of the heavy commitment or pressure of a traditional choir. 


We focus on enjoying the songs and having fun at Fun Chorus!  There's lots of laughter at our sessions, not only do we make a beautiful sound, but confidence soars, attitudes change, voices improve, strangers become friends and for an hour and a half, once a week the stresses of life just melt away....'

Anna MacArthur

Oh! Hello you!  

Join in the fun!

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