Fun Chorus FAQ

Do I have to be able to sing to join?

No! Give it a go! You will surprise yourself at how much you can achieve with the right environment and support.  There's no judgement or formality at Fun Chorus, the focus is always on the fun! Dancing and laughing is encouraged!

Do I need to be able read music or audition?

There are no auditions at Fun Chorus, everyone of any ability is invited to join.  There is no need to be able to read music.  we provide lyrics only and songs are taught by ear.

Can I come on my own?

Yes! Most of the Fun Choristers came on their own for the first time, and whilst they were a little nervous, they're glad they did.  We know how daunting it can be to walk into a room of strangers, that's why we go out of our way to make sure you're included and made to feel welcome from you're very first visit!

How much is Fun Chorus?


We run 4 x 10 week  terms over the course of a year.  

Full Time Membership £55 per term (£5.50 per week)

Part TimeMembership £32.50 5 sessions (£6.50 per session)

 There's no pressure to make it every week,  the benefit of having multiple choirs around Nottingham means you can visit more than one and make up for lost sessions!

A song book is issued at the beginning of each term and costs around £3.50

We have a selection of branded clothing available, however there is no obligation to buy!

To find out more about the terms and payment options please contact us.

Where do the groups meet?

We have 7 groups running across Nottinghamshire you can find out the times and locations of each group by clicking here

 Will singing improve my health?  

Yes! without question! Mentally, physically and socially - The positive effects of singing are proven and can be felt in so many areas!  Many of our members refer to our sessions as 'Therapy' Recent times have seen several reports on the benefits of singing and have concluded the following:

Singing releases feel good hormones, boosts immunity, Improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, improves breathing, improves over all health and well being, lowers anxiety and stress, promotes social bonding, improves cognition and memory and leads to a longer life!



Do I have to take part in performances?

No, there is no obligation or pressure to join in any of our performances or shows!  You are completely in control.  After you've spent some time with your fellow choristers, you will be proud of what you have achieved together, it feels great to perform, be part of a team and have your efforts recognised, so we highly recommend it!

Do I have to learn words?

No, by the time we get around to performing, the majority of members find they know most of the words without having had to try! It's always nice to have a song book for security, and that's something we would never take away!

If I don't come every week, will I fall behind?

No, the songs we sing are well known pop classics, chosen by the members and are all available to you 24/7 on the members page of our website, so even if you've missed a session, you can always catch up online!

Are there any parts or harmonies to learn?

Yes! our Fun Chorus groups are divided into those who like to sing the melody and those who want a bit more of a challenge otherwise referred to as ' The Hinges!' and 'The Bracketeers!' 

The parts and harmonies are not complicated and you may find them easier to sing than the melody sometimes.  You are encouraged to sing where you feel comfortable, try doing a bit of everything and see what suits you best, if you're ever unsure just ask!  We always have your vocal health in mind and start all our sessions with a fun warm up routine that aims to improve your breathing technique, boost your confidence and extend your range.


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