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Ann Russell

'As a Mindfulness Teacher helping people to manage their levels of stress, worry, anxiety and the every day ups and downs of today's busy life, I cannot emphasise highly enough the benefits of joining a group like Fun Chorus. The joys of singing, having fun, letting go, being in the moment and being part of an inspiring and supportive friendly group is just so good for the soul, heart, body and mind. Fun Chorus and the bubbly and compassionate Anna MacArthur is just the tonic to calm that 'chattering mind' and help you build confidence, courage and a real sense of purpose. Fun chorus is enormously uplifting and between the laughs you will learn some wonderful and most likely, familiar, tunes that you'll find yourself humming wherever you go. Give it a try ...... you could have some serious fun!'


Cynthia - Kimberley

Anna, our wonderfully inspirational leader, is not only extremely talented, but is infectiously happy, and gifted at generating happiness in others.  She has brought us all a totally inclusive, and uplifting choir, which is highly valued by all of its members.  We know from the news that singing in a choir is good for both mental and physical health, but Anna brings a special kind of magic that adds another dimension to those benefits, and that is exactly what makes Fun Chorus the treasure that it is.  


So what does Fun Chorus mean to me personally?   Well, it brings me all of the following, for which I am immensely grateful :-


* The simple joy of singing every week with a group of lovely, lively people.

* So much laughter and happiness. 

* Valued friendships with other individuals at Fun Chorus.

* The sense of belonging to something that I am very proud to be a part of.

* And a very noticeable lift in my spirit, even though I hadn’t felt my spirit was low in the first place…


In summary, I can’t recommend Fun Chorus highly enough.  It brings me so much joy, and never fails to leave me buzzing and singing all the way home.   Give it a try, you won’t regret it.  You will just wish you had found it sooner, that’s all.


Lizzie - Bingham

“Join a choir” they said, “It’ll be fun” they said! I hadn’t been part of a choir since primary school and I loved it back then.

Good old google, I put in a search for ‘fun choirs near me’. Fun Chorus came up, liked the look of it, sent a message, got a reply within minutes and I was invited to a session that night!

I didn’t give myself time to be nervous and I really didn’t need to be as from the minute I walked through the door I was made to feel so welcome and that was the start of my journey with Fun Chorus.

I’ve slowly built up my confidence, performed in front of many people now, had the opportunity talk on the radio and to sing with a band!! 

More importantly I feel more confident, happier and I’ve made some lovely and special friends.  For that hour and a half I get to forget about everything and sing and laugh my worries away.  So yes singing is good for you and as I’ve said before (live on the radio too) #singingisbetterthandrugs!!

Don’t believe me, come along a try it for yourself. 


Lisa - Arnold

Since I joined Fun Chorus in Arnold I have a spring in my step.  I'd been wanting to join a choir for a while and was instantly impressed by the emphasis on enjoyment in Fun Chorus and the encouragement to sing out and give a new song a try.  This was the right singing group for me!


It wasn't long before I realised that I have quite a high singing voice and was encouraged to join those who harmonise with the main melody.  I'd never sang harmonies before and it took a few weeks before I began to feel confident.  I was anxious about making mistakes but the wonderful thing was there was never any need to worry!  The relaxed and friendly approach to singing in Fun Chorus encourages us all to find our own most comfortable place to sing in the group.   


Now I really enjoy harmonising and look forward to learning a new tune.  I love the fact that in Fun Chorus we can try parts out and there's no pressure to sing in any particular section of the choir unless we want to.  The choice is ours!  It's a real pleasure too, to sing popular well known songs and sing in a group where members' suggestions for new songs to learn are welcomed.


Mick, who leads us in Arnold, has a very warm and welcoming personality.  As well as encouraging us with our singing, his great sense of humour ensures that a week never goes by without us all having a really good laugh.  It's so uplifting to have a leader who puts an emphasis on enjoyment and spontaneity.


He reassures newcomers to the group so that we all feel accepted and appreciated. It's so good to be part of a light hearted community group where everyone is made to feel truly welcome and we all encourage each other.  There's a real sense of belonging in Fun Chorus that I don't get anywhere else.  I really appreciate the way Mick encourages a genuine sense of inclusivity amongst us, no matter what our singing background.  In Fun Chorus our singing is the special bond which we all share.  At the end of each session I feel energised and positive, ready to take on the world.


Sue - Ravenshead 

When I first joined Fun Chorus, my family thought it was hilarious because I am tone deaf, but I can honestly say it has been one of the best things I have ever done.  It doesn't matter if you can't sing in tune.  When in a group of people we all blend in together and sound FAB-U-LOUS!  


It is extremely enjoyable all because of the enthusiasm and personality that Anna brings to it.  You gain a lot of confidence and make a lot of new friends.  You come out of the classes with lots of happy dolphins in your head and no matter what the weather is like outside, it always feels like a bright, bright sunshiney day and you are definitely walking on sunshine Yeah!


John - Bramcote

Well what can I say about Fun Chorus that's not been said before? It reminds me of the Ronseal advert which goes thus  'IT DOES WHAT IS SAYS ON THE TIN!'


Anna's Fun Chorus is just that, fun fun fun! Great songs to sing, and the social side is brilliant too,  meeting lots of people (and going out with the wife for once).

Keep up with the good work!

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